Menu at Hindustan Road

Taka Luchi Alur Dom
Cheese and Rice Ball
Binuni Kochuri
Fresh Fried Fish of the Day (as per availability)
Bhetki Rongpuri Ispecial
Shankarpurer Fried Pomfret
Prawn Cutlet
Golden Cheese Chicken
Mutton Kabiraji Cutlet
Barbecued Stuffed Potatoes
Pahari Paneer
Assorted Vegetable Platter
Stuffed Cottage Cheese
(served with Baby Naan, Dal Nawabi and Raita)
Barbecued Masala Bhetki
Barbecued Prawn
Turkish Chicken Kabab
Kandahari Kabab
Whole Barbecued Bhetki
Barbecued Pomfret
Assorted Fish and Prawn Platter
Barbecued Jumbo Prawn, Super Jumbo Prawn
Classic Tandoori Chicken
Chicken Soota Kabab
Mutton Reshmi Kabab
Murshidabadi Raan
(served with Baby Naan, Dal Nawabi and Raita)
(The above mentioned items will also be available without this combination at Rs. 30 or less)
These typical Bengali vegetarian 'thalis' can be taken separately or can be combined with any other vegetarian or or non-vegetarian item to make a complete meal. Please check menu, price and availability of vegetable, fish, mutton and chicken items while placing your order.
(Example: 1 Mini Thali 120 + 1 Rui Kalia 40 = 160

Mini Thala
(Luchi, Cholar Dal, Bhaja of the day, Rice or Basanti Pulao,
Choice of Vegetable, Chutney, Papad, Mishti Doi)

Maxi Thala
(Rice, Ghee, Shukto, Dal of the day, Bhaja of the day,
Basanti Pulao, Vegetable of the day, Chutney, Papad, Mishti Doi)

Chochchori of the Day
Potoler Dolma
Jhinge Alu Posto
Mochar Ghonto
Alu Phulkopi Koraishutir Torkari
Dhokar Dalna
Chanar Dalna
Mochar Paturi
Cheese Paneer Kofta
Steamed Peas Dhoka
Karai Paneer
Fish, Prawn, Crab Curry
Curries in Bengal come in different gravies as in Jhol, Jhal, Kalia, Korma, Shorshe, Malai Curry, et cetera. Each of these gravies is individually prepared with the fish, prawn or crab and has its unique flavour and taste. Please check the availability of each curry and specific preparation of the day while placing your order)
Ilish, Jumbo Ilish
Chingri, Jumbo Chingri
Bagda Chingri
Chitol Peti, Jumbo Chitol Peti
Chitol Muitha
Koi, Jumbo Koi
D'Gama Sahib's Spicy Crab, Jumbo Spicy Crab
Crab Butter-Garlic Pepper, Jumbo Crab Butter-Garlic Pepper
Fish, Prawn, Crab Steamed
Bhetki Paturi
Pomfret Paturi
Jumbo Ilish Paturi
Chingri Paturi, Jumbo Chingri Paturi
Chicken, Mutton Curry
Chicken Dakbangla
Doi Murgi
Chicken Chaap
Chicken Goalondo Steamer Curry
Boneless Balti Chicken
Boneless Chicken Makhmali
Mutton Dakbangla
Mutton Rezala
Mutton Stew
Mutton Goalondo Steamer Curry
Kashmiri Mutton Curry
Dhakai Dal Gosht
Rice, Roti, Pulao, Biryani
Lachha Paratha
Tandoori Roti
Bakarkhani Roti
Masala Kulcha
Baby Naan, Naan
Steamed Rice
Basanti Pulao
Peas Badami Pulao
Kashmiri Vegetable Pulao
Vegetable Biryani
Prawn Pulao
Coochbehari Prawn Biryani
Nababganjer Jumbo Ilish Biryani
Dhakai Chicken Biryani
Dhakai Mutton Biryani
Dhakai Mutton Tehari
Dal Nawabi
Pancharatna Dal
Dal of the Day
Chholar Dal
Macher Matha Diye Dal
Bhaja of the Day, Chutney, Papad, Raita
Bhaja of the Day
Chutney of the Day
Bengali sweets have been steeped in tradition from time immemorial. Religious festivals, weddings and even the everyday meal at home are never complete without the famous Bengali 'mishti'.
Bhojohori Manna brings the glory of Bengali sweets to you with an exotic range - sandesh,roshogolla, langcha, patishapta, malpoa, mishti doi, payesh, rabri, chandrapuli, mihidana, shorpuria and other sweet treats - mentioned on our tent cards from time to time.